Matinabad Eco Resort

Matin Abad Eco Resort & Organic Farm, Iran is one of 18 best practices in sustainable (Eco) tourism initiated by governments, NGOs, and private sectors, in developing countries, including SIDS, with potentials for replication elsewhere.

The best practices were collected and analyzed by four main criteria: Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce, initiated by The Zeitz Foundation, the main pillars of sustainable (eco) tourism.

This Iran resort was established in 2008. The group of experts in tourism and naturalists want to provide the tourists with an opportunity for an experience and adventures close to the nature.  In the company of seasoned naturalists, tourists will experience treks with camel ride or walk; they can ride bikes through waves of sand and mountain valleys, and can even enjoy desert walks in the beautiful star-lit nights.

Located between the sand dunes and vast semiarid grass-covered plain is the camp with modern facilities. It is about 45 Km away from Kashan, one of the popular tourist places in central Iran.



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Memory Book

Everything was very clean and beautiful in this eco camp. I had a great time here.

It’s very good place for people who want to be in comfortable situations
All types accommodations are acceptable, meals are organic and healthy
Staff are nice and formal but few knows English good
Many attractions in this site and around that are ready for the gusts

This eco desert camp is a fantastic place for relaxing, watching ostrichs or camels and enjoying the tasty food. Clear-cut recommendation. Better stay two or three nights, we only had one night in Matinabad and were quite sad to leave.

A green place among desert.
I’ve been there for few times and I enjoyed every single day and night in Eco-Camp.
spend your day with lots of desert activities,then at night go to the roof for watching beautiful stary sky.
the accommodation in camp is based on 3 type of building in desert region in Iran such as: caravansary,komeh and chadour.

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