Gooshvareh (Earring Room)

Step inside the mesmerizing world of Iranian architecture and discover the mystical Earring Room, also known as Gooshvareh. This room holds a significant role in the rich history of Isfahan, particularly during the Safavid era. Its unique design and value can be seen in numerous grand buildings of that time. Journey through time and experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Earring Room for yourself.

What is the Earring Room?

If you have ever seen old Persian houses or mansions dating back to the Safavid era, you might be familiar with the royal room, which is the tallest room in the mansion. The rooms surrounding the king’s room are known as the earring rooms. Typically, the earring rooms are smaller in size than the king’s room and were frequently used in the past. Whenever the king’s room was at full capacity due to many guests, the king would accommodate the extra guests in the earring rooms.

Features of Earring Room

The earring rooms have a dome-shaped ceiling. The dome architectural design has been used for two reasons in the past. First, the room would be cool and ventilated (hot air would gather at the top and cold air at the bottom). Additionally, the sound reverberates in this environment and reaches the ears well. For this reason, in Aali Qapu Palace and other similar mansions, including the historical houses in Kashan, musicians used to hold their assembly in the earring room so that the sound of their music would enchant the ears of the listeners.

Did you know that in the past, the earring room and the king’s room were connected to one another? It’s true! Even today, at Matinabad Desert Eco Resort, you can find a bridge-like corridor connecting these two rooms. But don’t worry, the privacy of each suite is completely separate. So you can enjoy your own space without any interruptions.

The Earring Room at Matinabad Desert Eco Resort is undoubtedly the most spacious and expensive suite available. This exquisite suite boasts a total of five beds, comprising two double beds and one single bed, making it ideal for accommodating a large family or group of friends. Besides the five main guests, this suite can accommodate three accompanying guests. The capacity of the earring room is a total of 8 people. The elegant and opulent surroundings of the Earring Room offer an unparalleled level of comfort, making it the perfect place to unwind and relax after a long day of exploring the desert.

The facilities of the earring room, which is very luxurious and spectacular, include towels, sheets, shampoo and liquid soap, a hotel refrigerator, a flat-screen TV with the ability to broadcast all audio and television channels, a hair dryer, a clothes hanger, mirror, dining table, furniture, and more. This room has a private toilet and bathroom. To use the Iranian toilet, guests can go to the public toilet installed in Eco Camp, which is not far from the room.

Our beds feature warm and soft mattresses that guarantee a long and rejuvenating sleep. And if you have friends or family joining you, don’t worry! They can snuggle up on our soft cotton floor beds, which will make them feel like they’re back at grandma’s house in the good old days.
Air conditioners cool the guests in the summer, and heaters, fan coils, and Korsi (heated blankets) warm them in the winter. So there is nothing to worry about.
The coffee shop is also very close to the earring room. You can reach the coffee shop with just a few steps, watch the starry sky in its outdoor space, and drink a hot cup of tea on a cold desert night. A memory you will never forget.

Imagine having an eternal view of the breathtaking Matinabad Desert Eco Resort, the stunning Matinabad Desert, and the majestic Karkas Mountains, all from the comfort of an earring room. It’s an experience that will leave you speechless and in awe of the beauty. The earring room is the perfect spot to take it all in and create unforgettable memories.

The location of the Earring room

The Earring Room of Matinabad Desert Eco Resort is located in the southern part of the complex along the Shahneshin Room. As you know, the king’s room is the tallest part of the Iranian mansion architecture, that’s why the earring room is located high, on the second floor of Eco Camp. To reach the earring room and its large dome, you have to climb a few steps from the Matin Abad Eco Camp garden.

If you have seen the earring room in historical houses and are interested in Iranian architecture, a night stay in the earring room with your family can be like a dream. Usually, the earring room is booked by people who come with a tour or a large family, so if you are up to 8 people and you want a luxury stay that will meet all your needs, online reservation of the Matin Abad Earring Room is the best option for you.