Shahneshin (King’s Room)

Welcome to the Shahneshin Suite at Matinabad Eco Resort, which is the resort’s highest-located room. We are delighted to introduce you to this stunning suite and the captivating Iranian culture and architecture it showcases. Additionally, we would like to inform you of the amazing benefits you will receive when you book this suite. Please stay with us until the end to learn more about the lovely Shahneshin Suite of Matinabad.

What is a Shahneshin?

The highest room of a villa or mansion, which is built in the northernmost part, is called Shahneshin or Royal Room. Shahneshin is actually a penthouse of old houses in Persian architecture. In the past, these rooms were also called Five Doors or Three Doors rooms. In the architecture of this room, a half dome or a full dome is used, and because of the height of the room, the room always has cool and moderate air.
Since the royal suite (Shahneshin) is built at the highest point of the building, you will have an eternal view. Also, due to the presence of many windows with colored glass, the sunlight has a different effect on the interior at noon.
Shahneshin is a place where great families or kings used to stay, so if you want to live like a king for a night, you can book the Shahneshin suite.

Features of Shahneshin

As we previously mentioned, this room is built in the highest and northernmost part of the building, but we should also mention other features of this fascinating room.
The most important feature of the Shahneshin Suite is having massive and clear windows that shine an immense light into the interior. The domed ceiling also helps to keep the room cool, but one of the interesting things about the Shahneshin Room is the water basin bowl in front of the room to freshen the air. This water bowl helps to have fresh air in the suite since the warm air rises and the cool air stays at the bottom.
This room should have shown the grandeur of the owner of the house; that is why when you go to the sightseeing places of Kashan and visit the Ameri House, Tabatabaei Historical House, and other historical houses of Iran, you can see the grandeur of the royal room of these houses. The earring room is also located along Shahneshin.
As the name of this suite suggests, the Shahneshin Room should have always had the facilities and features appropriate for a king to stay in the room. Therefore, in addition to the traditional and beautiful architecture of this room in Matinabad, many amenities and public facilities have been installed in this room.
The decor of the Shahneshin Suite has recently changed, and more facilities were added to provide a higher quality of accommodation for tourists. The facilities of this room include a flat-screen TV with the ability to display digital radio and television channels, an independent and private toilet and bathroom, a comfortable bed with soft mattresses, cotton bed sheets, towels, sheets, shampoo and liquid soap, a hotel refrigerator, mineral water, hair dryer, clothes hanger, and mirror.
As mentioned before, by reserving the royal suite, you can have an eternal view! We can even say that this suite has a 360-degree view. Capture breathtaking photos of the surrounding Eco Resort, the stunning Shahin Peak, and the vast Matinabad Desert from your room.
In addition to all the facilities, a private terrace is there for you to sit under the desert sky while drinking hot tea and chatting with your family and friends. This private terrace will be for you throughout your stay and nobody else can enter it.
The royal suite can accommodate four people with two extra people. A total of 6 people can stay in this suite and live a night like the kings of the past and the pinnacle of Iran’s traditional architecture.

The location of Shahneshin Suite

Shahneshin Suite is at the northernmost point. You can see the dome of this suite from a few meters away. This suite is next to the main entrance of Eco Camp. In the photo below, the location of this room is clear.