Animal Farm

Animals are an undeniable part of nature and humans must learn to coexist with them. We should educate our children to be nature-loving and animal-loving from the very beginning of their childhood, so that in the future, animals will not have problems and are far from the danger of extinction. Therefore, Matinabad Eco Resort has tried to provide a platform for children and adults to be friends with these creatures of God by raising and living together with animals such as ostriches, camels, goats, horses, etc. Follow along with the introduction of Metin Abad eco camp animals.


Ostrich is the main animal of Matin Abad. Ostrich breeding in Matin Abad has started since the beginning of the construction of this complex. Ostrich has many properties for humans that you only need to do a short search to find these useful properties for you. From head to toe, this lovely animal can be used by humans. Take from its feathers to ostrich eggs, oil, etc., but don’t worry, Matinabad ostriches are not bred for this purpose and they live a comfortable and carefree life in this camp.

You can see the ostriches of this collection up close and learn from the beginning with the growth and development of this beautiful animal whose eyes surround you. Playing with baby ostriches in the pristine desert area of Eco Camp can thrill you, so don’t miss this free experience.


The camel is a symbol of the desert. In the past, camels were used to move and travel from one place to another, because they could last many hours without thirst or hunger. Today, camels have been replaced by gasoline and electric cars that have more speed and facilities. If you want to experience camel riding like the caravans that used to go to the Silk Road for trade, come to Matinabad Eco Resort.

The camels of Matinabad are in perfect health and the smile does not disappear from their lips, because when you ride them, you are also happy and smiling. Camel riding in the desert is one of the non-free activities of Eco Camp. 15 minutes of camel riding will have a significant effect on your mood. Coexistence with nature is what keeps you away from depression and does not let sadness enter your heart.

Horse and Donkey

Horses and donkeys also exist as domestic animals in Matin Abad. Horses and donkeys are on display in Metin Abad, and you can see and touch them closely.


Sheep is one of the other playful animals of Matin Abad Eco Camp. These sheep feed on Ecocamp organic products, that’s why they are fat and healthy. As you know, all parts of sheep can be used like ostrich. Sheep are usually kept in large herds. Sheep breeding is carried out in two ways, which depends on the use of sheep.

In the new method, the shepherd buys a mother ewe and starts multiplying the offspring, but in the breeding method, the shepherd buys small lambs of less than 30 kilos and sells them after reaching the desired weight.

Long-eared goat

The long-eared goat is one of the most special animals in Matin Abad, which you can see in very few places. The long-eared goat is on display at Matin Abad Eco Camp to learn more about desert and rural animal species. Some long-eared goat breeds are so rare that there are only 100 of them in the world. In the 80s, there were two rare long-eared goats in Iran, which were taken to Kashan for preservation. If you would like to see a long-eared goat up close, you can book your stay at Eco Camp right now.


Goat milk is one of the important products of goats that are offered to humans. Goat’s milk is much more useful than cow’s milk. As you know, access to goat milk is much more difficult in Iran and the dairy products obtained from this milk are more expensive.

Goat milk is easily digestible and its protein and vitamins are easily absorbed by the body. Apart from these, it can be said that Metin Abad goats are the most active animals in this collection because they are very lively.

Birds (chickens, roosters and pigeons)

The chickens and roosters of Matin Abad are together like legendary lovers and are having a good time. One of the most important products of Matin Abad chickens is local and organic eggs.