Matinabad eco resort was founded in the intact desert in 2010, with the goal of people and nature reconciliation. All our attempts are directed to educating the local community and our dear guests how to behave properly in the nature.

We are notably responsible for the future of young generation to preserve the environment. To reach this main goal, we need your help.

The desert may be beautiful, but they can also be dangerous. Even the most experienced eco-tourists and adventurists could face some dangers; that’s why we ask all our dear guests to learn about the risks and prepare themselves fully for the trip.


Your trip can be safe and enjoyable if you follow required safety practices. It is our highest priority to keep our guests satisfied and make them feel comfortable by providing all comfort and recreational facilities and accessible amenities.

But you should be aware that the existence of some insects is unavoidable in the heart of the desert. Although we alternatively take all preventative measures against vermin and rodents, we kindly ask you to follow the desert safety guidelines below to have a safe and memorable journey:

  • Only bring personal and essential items and avoid carrying unnecessary baggage! It is advisable to wear a hat, sunscreen, light loose long sleeve shirt or t-shirt and sunglasses. Do not wear sandals or summer shoes.
  • Please do not drop litter; Do not throw cigarette butts or other trash on the ground. Please place rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Do not touch the plants, animals or things that attract your attention and do not take them out of their natural habitat. Please help reduce the negative impact of human activities on the environment.
  • Only stay in well-equipped accommodations or special places to set up camp.
  • Please avoid speaking loudly or making a lot of noise to maintain peace in the area.
  • Do not feed the birds and animals.
  • Please turn off the lights and other electronic devices before leaving.
  • The tap water in the eco-resort is filtered and drinkable.
  • Please do not waste water and try to reduce detergent consumption to protect underground sources of water.
  • Please avoid damaging the environment and wildlife habitat.
  • At night, rest inside the tent. Close the door and all openings of the tent and place your shoes in the tent.
  • Please read the camp brochure and ask your leader or the camp staff about the region and activities, if more information is needed.
  • Please do not pollute water and avoid from drinking contaminated water.
  • Respect local community culture, customs and traditions. You can ask the staff of the camp about the local community’s history, cultural heritage, different natural and cultural attractions, local language and the fauna and flora of the region.
  • It is important to reduce negative impacts on the local community and environment, Respect different accents and cultures and refrain from useless religious or cultural discussions during travel to the villages.
  • Please avoid disposable plastic containers and cutlery.
  • Please pre arrange restaurant (reservations) for breakfast, lunch and dinner to optimize your time.
  • Please pre arrange the time for camel riding, bike riding and other activities.
  • There has been provided a special place near the restaurant as the fire camp and for singing songs loudly together. Please do not disturb other guests by making loud noises in and around the tents especially after 11:00 pm.
  • There are some toys and facilities, such as kites, available in the eco resort shop for children and young adults’ entertainment.
  • Rooms and tents must be vacated before 12:00 pm on the last day of your holiday. The guests who would like to leave after lunch are kindly asked to check out before lunch time. Staying in the room or tent after 12:00 pm causes additional 50 percent charge for stay.
  • At nights, after dinner, night sky observation with a telescope is possible when it is clear. You can arrange the time with the receptionist.
  • In case you need a tour guide and a vehicle for desert trekking or visiting Karshahi Castle, Natanz, Aqa Ali Abbas, etc., please arrange it with the receptionist.
  • Please pay attention to the sign boards that will help you find your favorite locations more easily and faster.
  • Insects’ activities increase in this region before and at the end of the summer. Please carry and use a good insect repellent (tablets or sprays, during your stay here).
  • The insect repellent is available at the reception.
  • Make sure the door and the windows are closed before you leave the room, koomeh or tent.
  • Severe storms and sandstorms are probable in all seasons and different hours a day.