Carvanseraei Room

Matinabad Eco Resort offers travelers a unique and eco-friendly retreat. One of the most charming accommodations available at this oasis of sustainability is the Caravanserai Room. Prepare to be fascinated by the mesmerizing and exceptional designs that adorn this traditional room, leaving you in awe of its stunning architecture. Indulge in a one-of-a-kind retreat and experience the Caravanserai Room, an elegant and eco-friendly accommodation that promises to deliver a lasting impression.

Types of Caravanserai Rooms

There are two types of Carvansaraei rooms in Matinabad Eco Resort: Twin Room and Triple Room. These rooms boast such unique and outstanding designs that you won’t be able to take your gaze away. They also provide the ultimate comfort and quality that you’re seeking. To help you learn more about these two rooms, we are going to give a brief description of each of them. But just to let you know, you won’t want to miss out on experiencing both of these rooms for yourself.

Twin Carvanseraei Room

Comfortably furnished with two single beds and soft linens, this room is perfect for couples, friends, or solo travelers seeking a tranquil and authentic experience.
With a private en-suite bathroom, large windows allowing plenty of natural light, and air conditioning for added comfort, the Caravanserai Twin Room is the perfect combination of modern convenience and the authentic ambiance of the desert surroundings.

Triple Carvanseraei Room

The Caravanserai Triple Room at Matinabad Eco Resort offers spacious and sociable accommodations for groups or families traveling together. With one comfortable single bed and one king-size bed, this room ensures all guests have a restful night’s sleep.
The Caravanserai Triple Room provides a harmonious blend of modern comfort and the authentic charm of the desert environment, offering a memorable and enjoyable stay for larger groups.

The Location of the Carvanseraei rooms

Twin rooms are located on the ground floor (first) of the Matinabad Complex, and you can find the Triple rooms on the second floor of the Complex.