Camping in the desert is one of the activities that tourists enjoy very much. At Matinabad Desert Eco Resort, there are various desert tents with excellent amenities available for booking. We will introduce them here so you can choose the tents according to your preferences.

Types of Tents in Matinabad Eco Resort

There are two types of tents in Matinabad camp: Teepee Tents and Camping Tents. Each of them has a unique vibe to it, which really makes you want to experience both of them at least once. Something to note about the tents is that based on their facilities and space, these two types of tents have different prices. We elaborated more on each of them down below.

Big Tents (Teepee)

There are eight big tents in the resort. This type of tent is very popular because it has a suitable space and family members can easily fit in. The fabric of the tents is waterproof and ventilated, which is a strong barrier between you and the outside.

The capacity of the tent is 4 people with 2 companions and a total of 6 people. The 4 people + 2 companions can rest comfortably on the cotton mattresses provided by the camp. For this reason, there is no need to bring a sleeping bag. Among the other facilities of the tent, we can mention the toilets, public bathroom, electric fan, and Korsi (heated blanket) in the winter.

Small Tents (Camping)

The Camping Tents are smaller than Teepee tents but have similarities as well. Of course, they indeed have a smaller space than teepee tents, so only two people can fit together with one extra person. There are 15 small tents in Eco Camp that you can reserve for your stay.

Choosing a tent to stay in the desert is one of the most exciting things that nature lovers do. If you like a ready-to-use tent with good facilities, book a teepee tent or small tent.