Drinking tea, Herbal tea, or coffee has become an integral part of our lives. Even on a trip, we need to regain our energy and feel refreshed by drinking a glass of tea. Matinabad Eco Camp coffee shop with an eternal view of the Matinabad desert and eco camp is a place to rehabilitate and return energy to your veins. Stay with us to introduce this coffee shop.

Where Is Matinabad Coffee Shop?

Right after entering the Matinabad complex, you will encounter a door that leads you to an upper floor. A piece of heaven, a part that is the warmest and loveliest part of the collection, the Matinabad coffee shop.
The colleagues provide you with a unique menu, drinks that will take you to another world, a unique combination of essences, natural fruit juices, wonderful ice creams, unique milkshakes, and hearty and delicious foods, such as chips and cheese.
We can proudly say that the heart of every traveler stays in Matinabad coffee shop. Every traveler who comes to the camp chooses the coffee shop to spend their best moments in there. A unique atmosphere with an eternal view of the desert on the terrace and a warm and intimate atmosphere inside the coffee shop has made it one of the most popular parts of the collection.
You sit next to your loved ones, eat something delicious, and chitchat, and when you look at the clock, you realize that you have been sitting for hours and it is only pleasure that comes from being together, from the food, from the kind behavior of the staff, from the unique view. Could you imagine a cafe that makes the taste of a simple cup of tea out of this world?

Matinabad Coffee Shop

Everything that you find in a stylish and classy coffee shop menu in the heart of Tehran, you will also find in the coffee shop menu of this complex. The cafe’s various types of shakes include chocolate shake, chocolate banana shake, Nescafe shake, pomegranate shake, strawberry shake, natural fruit juices including pomegranate juice, etc.
All kinds of coffee, including americano, espresso, latte, Turkish coffee, French coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, etc., and all kinds of tea, including green tea, large and small tea service, masala chai, sour tea, lemon tea, viper’s bugloss tea, orange blossom tea, mint tea, quince tea, a mixture of ginger, lemon, and honey tea.
There are all kinds of tasty traditional and modern syrups such as mojito, lemonade, club syrup, mint syrup, rosehip syrup, orange blossom syrup, sakanjabin cucumber syrup, and mixed syrup on the menu of Matinabad coffee shop.
Additionally, some snacks have also been prepared for those who are fans of coffee shop snacks. The snack menu of Matinabad Coffee Shop includes special and simple chips and cheese.

Matinabad Coffee Shop Price

The prices in Matinabad coffee shop are economical and affordable, so everyone can use the coffee shop facilities. Ecocamp coffee shop prices are cheaper than coffee shops in Tehran, but the quality of the menu products is better because they are made from fresh and local organic ingredients. The coffee is also used from the best coffee available in Iran so that you can have a unique taste with an eternal view.