persian trail mix

What is Persian Trail Mix? Ajil Ingredients & Where to Buy?

The art of crafting Persian Trail Mix (Ajil) in Iran is an ancient industry whose roots go back thousands of years and form an integral part of the agricultural life of this country. Iran proudly holds the first place in fruit cultivation and harvesting in the Middle East and North Africa. Iran’s agricultural products include […]

persian caevansarai

What Is Caravanserai?

Caravanserai are a symbol of the culture and history of the people of that country and are among the most popular tourist attractions of any country. Many foreign tourists visit these caravanserais when traveling to historical countries, including Iran. In the past, Iran’s caravanserais were often built by order of the kings to settle pilgrimage […]

desert cycle

Desert Biking & Cycling Tips and Guide

With its vast and otherworldly landscapes and sense of limitless freedom, cycling in the desert provides a unique adventure for enthusiasts and adventurers. As you pedal across dry, sun-drenched terrain, the desert reveals its own set of challenges and rewards. Exploring the desert on two wheels is an opportunity to absorb the unique beauty of […]

good photo of desert

Desert Photography Tips & Ideas For Beginners

Photography of the desert has many fans, and many photographers interested in this type of nature see photography in the desert as a pastime. The desert actually has a uniform nature and appearance, and in order to take different photos, you must look at it. Look at the components and their appearance in a new […]

things to do in desert

Things to Do in the Desert (Best Desert Activities)

The desert is a place full of calmness and extraordinary silence. Sometimes it’s only your steps that disturb the peace of the desert. Gazing at the vastness of the silent desert can be so enchanting that you never want it to end. While many may see the desert as a barren land devoid of water […]

best time to go to Iran

The Best Time to Visit Deserts + Tips

Desert adventures are always super exciting to experience, from riding bikes, cars, and camels to strolling on the dunes or singing by the campfire. But imagine going on a fun desert trip and awaiting the exhilarating activities, except you have decided to visit this magnificent spot at the wrong time of the year and making […]

what is yardang

What Is Yardang? (Yardang Landform Definition & more)

Nature’s art often takes the form of unique landscapes created over thousands of years by the relentless forces of wind and water. Among these remarkable natural wonders are yardangs, geological features that exhibit erosion, and the elements. In this article, we will step into the world of yardangs and explain their formation, unique features, and […]

things to do in isfahan

Things to do in Isfahan (Photos, Address, Timing)

Isfahan is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran and one of the most important tourist destinations for Iranians and foreign tourists due to its tourist attractions and historical monuments left from various eras, especially the Safavid era. The historical city of Isfahan is a mixture of the art and architecture of ancient Iran […]


Nowruz, Persian New Year: Meaning, History, Celebration

Nowruz, also spelled as “Norooz” or “Nawruz,” is actually the Persian New Year, celebrated by millions of people worldwide. The holiday usually falls on or around March 20th or 21st, coinciding with the arrival of spring, and it represents a time of renewal and fresh beginnings. The word “Nowruz” itself means “New Day” in Persian, […]

sand dune

What Is a Sand Dune? (Types, Photos, Facts)

Have you ever come across the words sand dune? We have all seen the spectacular desert pictures where camels walk over some large orange hills. These large sand landforms are called dunes. To be precise, sand dunes are sand grains accumulated in a place due to storms and strong winds in the desert. They usually […]