Matinabad Store

Matinabad eco-residence is adjacent to Matin Abad village near Kashan city. By staying in this desert camp, you can get rid of the evils of city life and live a peaceful and stress-free life in the heart of the desert. Matinabad Eco Resort has high tourism facilities and one of these facilities is the handicraft store, that is, the store of Mrs. Mint and Mr. Dill. In this article, we have introduced the Matinabad Store. If you like to learn about the characteristics of handicrafts and traditional products, we recommend this article. Stay with us in the future.

What is handicraft?

Crafts are items that are made by hand using simple tools rather than mass production methods and equipment. Items produced as handicrafts are designed as a result of efforts for a specific function or use as well as being ornamental. Crafts include the creation of a wide range of objects, including clothing, religious symbols and jewelry, and various types of paper goods.

Buying traditional and handicraft products

Traditional products and handicrafts show the power of the human spirit and its desire to create. When you support products made by artisans, you are actually supporting their craftsmanship. By supporting them, you help to transfer these skills to the next generation and finally preserve the traditional and indigenous products of a region.

A store named Mrs. Mint and Mr. Dill has been established in the Matin Abad desert camp, and most of their products are made by the native people of that region and artists from other cities of our country. You can find what you like in Metin Abad residence store with any budget and taste.

Introducing the products of Mrs. Mint and Mr. Dill’s store

When you enter Matinabad Eco Resort, right in front of the restaurant, a beautiful and authentic building complex will attract your attention. This beautiful building, inspired by traditional buildings, is the store of Mrs. Mint and Mr. Dill. You can find everything from organic products to handicrafts created by talented artists in the Matinabad store.

You can buy all kinds of fresh products grown in Matinabad’s own farms from the store of Matinabad. Even all kinds of dry vegetables are available in this store. Among the other products that you can easily find in the store of Mrs. Nana and Mr. Shavid are all kinds of pickles, rose water, saffron, pomegranate paste, and etc.

Even if you don’t intend to buy, you must visit this store during your stay in this eco resort. It is a pleasure to see traditional and original products, although no one leaves this store empty-handed.