Tea House

Nocturnal activity is very popular among Iranians. At Matinabad Desert Eco-camp, we have provided you with a pleasant and memorable night stay at the tea house. Adults can sit on traditional beds by ordering a special charcoal tea in large copper samovars that bring back the pleasant taste of tea from the past.

Teahouse Facilities

They can use the facilities of the tea house, such as tennis, chess, and darts on the table. In the teahouse, besides tea, grilled corn on the cob is also served.
It may be hard to believe, but Matinabad Camp Teahouse also provides you with a suitable space for events and parties. The location of the conference table in the main part of the teahouse and the silence and peace around it create a space for your events to be held in the best way. If you want this event to be held privately, you can schedule the event in the middle of the week according to your own schedule, so Ecocamp will be completely at your service. The tea house is at a suitable distance from the residences and can be ready to serve until late at night.

As you know, specialized events such as seminars and conferences are of great value to us. When selecting a venue, one of the most critical factors to consider is a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. This is necessary for better performance and higher efficiency. The teahouse section of Matinabad camp, with a spacious and calm atmosphere, will help you in holding your desired event.
Our suggestion is to choose working days of the week, which will provide you with a private place for rest and intensive discussion due to the solitude of the camp and the calmness of the atmosphere. In addition to participating in the discussion, your guests can benefit from the catering facilities and special entertainment of the camp.