Sepanj in Matinabad

Matinabad Eco Resort accommodations are very different. Each one has its own color and vibe and gives different feelings to people. The new residence in Matinabad Eco Resort is called Sepanj, where tradition and modernity merge to create a wonderful and memorable stay for you. Join us to see what a Sepanj is.

The Literal Meaning of Sepanj

In Amid Dictionary (A Persian Dictionary), Sepanj means a temporary house, residence, or Shabestan; for this reason, we chose this name for this type of residence. In fact, this is your temporary home at Matinabad Eco Resort, and we want you to feel like you are at home, but with the fascinating vibe of the desert in every moment during your stay at Matinabad Eco Resort.

Features of Sepanj

The Sepanj is made from the basic materials of rural houses. The main body and structure of Sepanjes are made of straw and wood. A strong and resistant tent fabric that does not let a drop of water pass through is installed as the roof of this structure. For this reason, this new structure is completely shielded against rain, snow, and cold. The reflection of the sunlight on the colored glass of the Sepanj windows gives a special effect to the room, which you would see in the Nasir al-Molk mosque in Shiraz.

This new accommodation in Matinabad is a completely economical stay for four people, with the possibility of accommodating two more people. Sepanjes have floor bedding with cotton mattresses. The warmth of the Korsi (heated blanket) and the heater will remind you of the nostalgia of your grandmother’s house.

It can be said that the Sepanj Rooms of Eco Camp of Matinabad is a combination of a tent and a hut. You can Book 7 Sepanj rooms in this residence. Sepanjes have facilities like Matinabad tents and DO NOT contain facilities such as towels, sheets, shampoo and liquid soap, hotel refrigerators, and hair dryers. There is no private toilet in Sepanj, but no worries, you can use the public toilets installed in Eco Resort. Also, in the summer, an air conditioner is used to cool the space, and in winter, a heater and a Korsi are installed in the Sepanjes to escape from the cold desert nights.

Location of Sepanjes

The Sepanjes are located in the best spot of Matinabad Eco Resort. This new residence is located on the way to the restaurant and near the children’s playground. Thus, if you have children with you, you can rest assured about their entertainment. Feel a new sense of overnight staying in a desert in Sepanj, where it is not a house, not a tent, but your temporary home in the heart of Matinabad Eco Camp.