Zavieh (Corner Room)

Let us introduce you to one of the most spacious accommodations at Matinabad Eco Resort, the Zavieh room. The Zavieh or Corner Room is one of the most attractive rooms of this desert eco-camp, which is very suitable for families of more than four people and tourist groups. With its suite-like amenities, you can expect a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Experience the allure of this desert eco-camp by booking the Zavieh room today.

What is the Zavieh Room?

In the old and traditional style of Persian architecture, the rooms had their own names. The King’s room, Music room, Earring room, Sepanj room, etc. are such names.
The Zavieh Room in Matinabad Eco Resort is located on the first floor (ground floor). It can be said that it is the largest room on the first floor of the mansion, and because it’s located on the caravanserai’s corner, it’s called Zavieh, which means corner. Since this room has easy access to the Eco Camp area and its various parts, it is one of the most booked rooms in Matinabad.

Who is the Corner Room For?

This room has five beds and can accommodate five people and two accompanying people. For this reason, tourist groups, large families, groups of friends, etc., mostly pick this room since they can spend the night together until late at night. Also, since the first floor has no stairs, it is very suitable for the elderly, and disabled people can easily enjoy their stay.

Features of Zavieh Room

There is only one Corner Room in the entire complex equipped with facilities, such as beds with comfortable mattresses, towels, sheets, a hotel refrigerator, TV, hair dryer, clothes hanger, mirror, shampoo and liquid soap, water cooler, heater, and fan coil.