Second International and Fourteenth Iranian Genetics Congress

The Second International and Fourteenth Iranian Genetics Congress held from 21th to 23th May, 2016 in Tehran, Iran. Seventeen top researchers were invited from 11 countries (Canada, the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Netherlands, Qatar, Kurdistan, Switzerland and Sweden) as the main lecturers for this event.

As the guests paid their round-trip tickets, the congress offered a three day cultural tour to Iran instead. According to the guests, this unforgettable tour was such a success in introducing Iran cultural heritage that they suggested the same policy for the next congress. The tour to Iran included visiting Tehran, Kashan, Matinabad Eco-resort, Isfahan and Shiraz.

After the conference, a tour of foreign and Iranian scholars set off for the central desert of Iran and stayed overnight in Matinabad Eco-resort. The next morning, after a memorable camel riding in Matinabad, the tour left to Isfahan.

Prof. Dr. Ann Ehrenhofer-Murray at Humboldt University participated in the congress as the representative of Germany. Writing an inclusive report in German about the conference, she gave her thanks to the holders of the conference and described Iranians as the hospitable, warm and generous people. She mentioned the experience in Matinabad as an unforgettable one.

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