In the Honor of Our Beloved Mehregan

In Iran Doostan Tours Co. we celebrated the day that is marked by love, light, friendship, and kindness in the Persian culture. As the tradition of this day, which is visiting family members and renewing friendships, in Iran Doostan office we went to other departments to visit our dear colleagues to celebrate this day by giving them a postal card and our best and warmest wishes.

In Persia, there are two main celebrations during the Avestan year. One is Nowruz which is still our main holiday and the marking of our new calendar year. The other is Mehregan that is 195 days after Nowruz and marks the beginning of the autumn. It is the celebration of harvest for the farmers. Mehregan has a long beautiful story which makes it so valuable for Persians. In Persia, the autumn starts with the month of Mehr and Mehr literary means love and kindness. In the mythologies, the story of Mehr starts with the rise of its god that is born from stones in a cave to fight with the bull and defeat the darkness, which makes it the symbol of light friendship and love. Mehregan is the 16th day of Mehr.

Iran Doustan Tours Co. has always tried to keep these traditions alive for the next generations to come. To remind our people and introduce this beautiful celebration to the dear guest visitors of Iran, we celebrated Mehregan in Matinabad desert eco-resort too. We had the sofrah with most of the symbolic items of this day which are pomegranate, violets, candles, rosemary, grain seeds, and Espand (rue seeds). We handed out postal cards to say happy Mehregan to all Iranian and non-Iranian guests in the eco-camp. And in the evening we enjoyed the beautiful sound of Sorna, a type of flute and Tonbak the Persian drum played by two local musicians.

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