Badrud (also Badroud) is an ancient city located 25 km north of  Natanz, 70 km east of Kashan and only 35 km of Abyaneh in Isfahan province, Iran.

It is only about an hour away from Matinabad eco-resort, the first and only eco-resort in Iran.

This 7000 year old archeological city with impressive intact nature, formerly the inhabit of Iranian cheetahs, encompasses many glorious attractions such as Adineh Temple, the former Mithraic temple and present mosque; The 400 year old Noqa Garmabe (public bath), registered on Iran National Heritage List; Imamzadeh Aqa Ali Abbas and Shahzade Mohammed holy shrine, the most important pilgrimage site in Natanz; Qajar Rahgosha Museum; Karshahi Castle, the biggest adobe castle (after Arg-e Bam before destruction) and holds events and festivals like…

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