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Best Places to Visit in Spring in Iran

What are the best places to visit in spring in Iran? Iran is a beautiful country with diverse climates. Different climates of Iran provide the possibility for tourists to visit the beautiful regions of Iran in different seasons of the year. Spring season is one of the best seasons to travel because, with the growth of plants after a cold winter, nature portrays a beautiful face in many areas. If you are planning to travel to Iran in spring and have not decided on a destination yet, follow the end of this article and get to know Iran’s Best Spring Destinations, and do not miss the opportunity to visit them.

Why Visit Iran in the Spring?

Traveling in spring can be one of the unique experiences for those who are interested in tourism and travel. Various cities, villages, and natural areas in different parts of Iran have the most beautiful nature and the best weather for traveling in spring, especially in May.

It is possible to watch some views of the different natural attractions of Iran only at this time of the year, and if you travel to these areas in other seasons, you will not have the opportunity to enjoy these beauties.

The amazing thing about spring is the blooming of flowers. Flowers and trees that have no traces of being alive in them will come back to life. That is why the beginning of the new year is placed by this season, the beginning of life again happens in these months.

In the following, we introduce some of the most attractive cities and destinations in Iran for travel in the spring season.


Kashan is among the best places to visit in spring in Iran. Kashan is one of the most attractive desert cities in Iran, which is wonderful to visit in spring. If you travel to this city between May 5th and June 5th, you will have the opportunity to visit the Kashan Rose Water Festival.

kashan historical houses
Fin Garden in Kashan

Of course, the beauty of Kashan is not limited to just the Rose Water Festival. This city has such unique architecture that seeing its historical buildings that are a reminder of distant years will blow your mind!

Adel Historical House, Ehsan Historical House, Borujerdi House, Tabatabaei House, and Abbasi House are some of these beautiful mansions that you can visit during your trip to Kashan.

Also, one of the 9 Iranian gardens registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in this city; “Fin Garden.”

Visiting Fin Garden is definitely one of the top things to do in Kashan.

A huge historical garden that many historians attribute to the era of Ardashir Babakan. Silk Hill, Harpak Fire Temple, Agha Bozor Mosque and School, Kashan Bazaar, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Kashan Jame Mosque, and Abyaneh Historical Village are other places to visit in Kashan, which will make your trip to this city a fascinating experience.


Kurdistan and its fascinating scenery is one of the best places to visit in spring in Iran. Different cities and villages of Kurdistan are among the most beautiful travel destinations in the spring season. The city of Sanandaj has a mild climate in the spring season, and the nature around it is green and colorful, and its rivers roar in the spring days.

Abidar mountain, which is considered the most famous mountain of Sanandaj, has the best weather conditions in April. Abidar Park and Recreation Complex is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in spring, with the most beautiful natural landscapes.

uramanat kurdistan
Uraman Village in Kurdistan

On your trip to Kurdistan, you can also visit other prominent historical attractions such as Vakilabad, Asif Vaziri, and Khosro Abad mansions in Sanandaj.

Uraman or Uramanat Village in Kurdistan was formed over forty thousand years ago on the west side of Iran in the heart of Kurdistan Province.

This ancient village boasts many historical and cultural attractions. From visiting the local houses, shopping at traditional markets, and tasting authentic Persian food to observing historical monuments and ancient structures, all enhance the wonderful experience of visiting a local village in Kurdistan Province.

The city of Marivan is another beautiful attraction in Kurdistan that has unique natural attractions. This city is located in the northwest of Kurdistan and is the location of the beautiful Zarivar Lake.

This lake, also known as “Zrebar,” is a pleasant place to spend spring days. Various birds and aquatic animals live around and inside this freshwater lake. Marivan Park near Zarivar Lake is one of the most important tourist attractions in Marivan city.


Isfahan is one of the best cities in Iran to travel in spring, which presents its tourist attractions in a frame covered with green trees, fragrant blossoms, and colorful flowers. Strolling in Naqsh-e Jahan Square and visiting traditional markets in spring has its own charm and is one of the top things to do in Isfahan.

The sights of Isfahan are not only limited to the attractions inside the city; the surroundings of Isfahan also have beautiful sights that make you feel refreshed when you travel there.

sio se pol bridge
Sio Se Pol Bridge in Isfahan

Waterfalls such as Tameh, Poonehzar, Ladoor, Shahloolak, Moon Aqueduct, Abmalakh, and Niyasar will give you a sense of refreshment with their cool waters. Gavkhouni Wetland is also one of the beautiful areas around Isfahan.

The deserts around this city are full of adventure secrets. Deserts such as Varzaneh and Maranjab, in addition to their beautiful sandy area, have exciting activities such as safari and photography.


Shiraz is one of the best places to visit in spring in Iran. This city shines a hundredfold in spring. Shiraz, the city of poetry and mysticism, is the best spring travel destination because, with the arrival of this beautiful season, nature comes to life again. The scent of orange blossoms permeates all the alleys and gardens of Shiraz.

Especially in the month of April, this city will be remarkable. Shiraz has many historical, artistic, and cultural attractions, such as Persian gardens, tombs of famous poets, historical markets, and baths.

Also, after sightseeing in Shiraz city, you can visit the extremely valuable historical attractions around this city, such as Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rustam, the rock reliefs of Rajab, the ancient city of Istakhr, the ancient city of Gur, Pasargadae and the tomb of Cyrus.

tomb of saadi
Saadi Shirazi Tomb in Shiraz

Shiraz is known as the city of love and poetry. Many great Persian poets’ mausoleums are located in different parts of the city. Whenever you visit Saadi Shirazi’s tomb, you’ll find many fans of his books and poetry gathered around his mesmerizing tomb.

Another famous Persian poet of Shiraz is Hafiz. Iranians hold Hafiz in high esteem and deeply appreciate his contributions to Persian literature. His works are widely read and recited, and his tomb in Shiraz is a popular pilgrimage site for lovers of poetry. Visitors to his mausoleum can often be seen reciting his poems and paying homage to his legacy.

Also, there are unique natural attractions such as Maharloo Lake, Haft Baram Lakes, Darudzen Dam Lake, Arjan Plain, Tang-e Tizab, Tange Dom-e Asb, Qalat Village and Margoon Waterfall around Shiraz, which are very spectacular in spring.


Yazd is considered one of the historical and valuable cities of Iran, which is one of the central provinces of the country and among the best places to visit in spring in Iran.

This city has a hot, dry, and desert climate, and the best time to travel to Yazd in terms of weather is the autumn season and the months of April, December, and January.

Yazd is among the top spring travel destinations in Iran. Since it has a dry and desert climate, the best time to visit the fascinating attractions of this mesmerizing city is spring. The combination of pink and white blossoms falling on the walls of Yazd traditional houses paints the perfect picture to touch the souls of those who visit this city during spring.

Yazd has many traditional souvenirs. The tastiest and sweetest souvenirs belong to no other city than Yazd. Some of Yazd’s souvenirs are Yazdi Baklava, Yazd qottab, Yazdi fruit leather, Ardakan halva, Almonds, Yazdi Cake, Sohan Khani, Haj Badami sweets, and more.

historic city of Yazd
Dowlatabad Garden in Yazd

Yazd has many sightseeing and tourist attractions, some of which include Yazd water reservoirs, Markar Museum, Bahram Fire Temple, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Lari House, Yazd Art House, Yazd Water Museum, etc.


Kermanshah is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations and among the best places to visit in spring in Iran. The beautiful area of “Dalahu,” with its green nature and roaring waters, is one of the most mysterious tourist areas of Kermanshah province.

In spring, you can enjoy your trip by traveling to Kermanshah and seeing Bisotun, eating grilled ribs, and seeing dozens of historical and ancient artifacts in a unique collection.

This province has beautiful sights, such as the city of Qasr Shirin, among the best places to visit in spring in Iran.

Rijab and Sorkheh Lizeh Valley are among the unique sights of Dalahu. However, they are less known. Taq-e Gara is also one of the most intact ancient monuments of Kermanshah, which will attract the eyes of every tourist.

Taq e Bostan Photos
Taq e Bostan in Kermanshah

The sights of Kermanshah province do not end here. By going to the west of Kermanshah, we enter the Uraman Takht area. The towering mountains of Avroman are the natural refuge of terraced villages whose stonework architecture is unique.

Hormozgan Province

Hormozgan province is one of the most amazing spring travel destinations because the natural beauties of this province are indescribable.

The nature of Hormozgan province becomes very spectacular in early spring. On the other hand, in early spring and the Nowruz holidays, the weather in this province is not so hot that you cannot bear it.

Among the must-see destinations are the stunning beaches lining the Persian Gulf coast, such as Kish Island and Qeshm Island, where crystal-clear waters meet pristine shores, offering opportunities for leisurely sunbathing and water activities.

The mesmerizing Hara forests, unique mangrove forests in Qeshm Island, are also a highlight. Additionally, the historical port of Bandar Abbas attracts visitors with its rich heritage, including the ancient Hormuz Fort and vibrant bazaars filled with local crafts and delicacies.

Hormozgan province is located on the border of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. It is considered one of the most important tourism and economic centers of the country. This province has 13 cities and 14 inhabited islands.

hormozgan province
Qeshm Island near Hormozgan Province

Also, in different parts of this province, there are very beautiful sculpted valleys known as “Kaluts,” which have been formed due to wind and water erosion.

Hormozgan Province truly captures the essence of Iran’s natural and cultural diversity, offering an unforgettable experience for travelers.


Mahallat, one of the best places to visit in spring in Iran, located in Iran’s Markazi Province, is a town renowned for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

One of the best places to travel in spring is the beautiful city of Mahallat, which is known as the City of Flowers or the Flower Capital of Iran due to its abundant flora. If you travel to Mahallat in spring, especially in Ordibehesht (April-May), you will see the beauty of the flowers in this city.

One iconic attraction in Mahallat is the Bisheh Waterfall, a stunning natural wonder centrally located among lush greenery, offering visitors a peaceful retreat and a refreshing escape from the bustle of city life.

Another must-see destination is the Mahallat Botanical Garden, a haven of botanical diversity boasting a vast array of indigenous plants and flowers, perfect for leisurely strolls and nature appreciation.

The most exciting part of the trip is the flower village, where there are all kinds of cacti, flowers, house plants, and ornamental plants.

Mahallat Markazi Province
Nature of Markazi Province

The flower festival held in spring in the Flower Village, has an area of 120 hectares. Imagine stepping into a village that is as beautiful as Holland.

However, the attractions of Mahallat are not limited to flower gardens alone; It also has other attractions such as the Khurheh historical site, AtashKooh Fire Temple, Sarcheshmeh Park, hot springs, 2000-year-old plane tree, Azad Khan Cave, Castle Jamshidi, Bagherabad Historical Bridge, Nimvar ancient dam, flower and ornamental plants village and Yeke Chah cave.

Mahallat’s charm lies not only in its natural beauty but also in its rich cultural heritage, making it a delightful destination for travelers seeking an authentic Iranian experience.


Bushehr province, one of the best places to visit in spring in Iran and the shining jewel of the Persian Gulf, has cultural diversity, works of art, natural attractions, and many historical monuments.

Also, the variety of local foods, urban architecture, and authentic music of Bushehr city have made this region a very different tourist destination.

Although this city has a hot and semi-desert climate, the weather in different parts of Bushehr is moderate during Nowruz and in the early days of spring, and you can experience a very pleasant trip in this area.

Bushehr Province
Beautiful Beach of Bushehr

Among the attractions of Bushehr, we can mention the extremely beautiful beaches, Jashak Salt Dome, Dalaki River, Chah Kotah Forest Park, Dasht Arjan, Dalaki Hot Springs, Ahram Hot Springs, protected area in Bord Khun district, Nayband Protected Area in Kangan city.

Sistan and Baluchestan

Sistan and Baluchistan, the land of ancient cultures, is a great spring travel destination. At the beginning of spring, this province still has moderate weather, and you can easily visit the natural, historical, and cultural attractions of this province.

Sistan and Baluchistan is located in the southeast of Iran and on the shores of the Oman Sea. Chabahar port of this province has many attractions and is considered one of the most attractive tourist hubs of Iran.

sistan and baluchestan
Fascinating Sea of Sistan Baluchestan

Among the attractions of Sistan and Baluchistan province is the Shahr-e Sukhteh, with a historical background of more than 5000 years, the Chehel Dokhtaran Castle of Zabul, the Jalal Abad Citadel, the Dahan-e Gholaman, Rostam Castle, the Mohammad Hossein Khan Naravii Citadel, the Khajeh Mountain, the Bozman hot spring, the Esfand waterfall and the spectacular sandy, rocky and coral beaches of Chabahar.

Northern Provinces of Iran

Northern provinces of the country, such as Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan provinces, are other attractive spring destinations that attract many tourists and are the best places to visit in spring in Iran.

These areas are full of unique natural attractions due to their wonderful geographical location, proximity to the sea, beautiful mountains, and forests.

Gilan Province, situated in the northwestern region of Iran, is among the most visited cities in the country, attracting a significant number of tourists every year. The capital of Gilan is Rasht. Now, you can call it the core of Gilan since anybody traveling to Gilan heads straight to this mesmerizing city; whether you’re more like a city person, a nature lover, or a cultural buff, visiting this city is your best decision.

gilan province
Lush Greenery of Gilan Province

The Mazandaran Province is located along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea and serves as a major source of natural resources, as well as one of the primary producers of aquaculture and agriculture. The capital city of Mazandaran is Sari, which is the largest city in the province.

Another city in Mazandaran is Ramsar, which although relatively small compared to other cities in northern Iran, is still known for being a fun place to visit. Mazandaran is home to several popular attractions, including Badab-e Surt and Elimalat Lake, which often draw in many tourists looking to explore the area.

Golestan Province, among the best places to visit in spring in Iran, situated in the north of Iran, has innumerable attractions that can leave you spellbound with its breathtaking nature. The meaning of Golestan comes from the Persian language, where “gul-” stands for “flower” and “-stan” means “land” or “region.” Hence, Golestan literally means “land of flowers.”

Golestan province has its capital in Gorgan, which is home to numerous places of interest, such as Golestan National Park, Alangdarreh Forest, Ziarat Village, and Gorgan Museum, all of which can be visited while in the northern provinces of Iran.

With the arrival of spring, the forests, plains, springs, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes of these provinces take on another color and are decorated with spring effects. If you love the sea and the forest, you can plan a trip to the northern regions of Iran in the months of May and June.


Ilam province, known as the bride of the Zagros mountains, is one of the most beautiful regions that you can visit in spring. Ilam can even be considered a paradise for tourists in spring.

You will definitely be surprised to see the green nature, oak forests, rugged plains, towering mountains, and numerous rivers in this region.

ilam province
Green Nature of Ilam Province during Spring

Also, in Ilam, one of the best places to visit in spring in Iran, you can see very valuable historical works from the Elamite period and the periods after that. In the spring, this area is greener than ever and the weather is great.

Spectacular Mount Qala Qiran, Siah Gav Twin Lakes, Tang-e Kafari, and Sheshdar forest area are just a few examples of the attractions of Ilam.

Final Word

Iran is a country of four seasons, and you can travel any month of the year to any part of this country, and you will see beauty, but traveling in spring, especially May, is considered the best time to travel.

Undoubtedly, a trip to these cities will make you a memorable experience despite the freshness and spring blossoms. But always remember that this time is the high season, and if you plan to travel to Iran in the spring, always make reservations and plan at least a month in advance to enjoy the best facilities and have a wonderful memory.

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