kashan souvenirs and handicrafts

Kashan Souvenirs & Handicrafts: What & where to buy

As one of the cities of Isfahan province, Kashan has very valuable historical places. Souvenirs and handicrafts of Kashan city are also very popular among the people of Iran and even the people of the world. With its rich history and culture, this city is known as one of the handicraft production centers in Iran. People who live in this city have arts such as carpet weaving, zari weaving, velvet weaving, and pottery. There are a variety of souvenirs for sale in Kashan city, ranging from beautifully handwoven textiles to delicate ceramic pottery. In this article, we will introduce all kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs of Kashan city, and by introducing these products, we will help those interested in buying souvenirs during their trip to Kashan.

What Is Kashan Famous For?

Kashan is famous for its exceptional handicrafts and souvenirs. Visitors come to this Iranian city to buy beautiful ceramics and pottery with intricate designs and vivid colors.

Persian carpets and rugs from Kashan are also very popular because of their detailed patterns and first-class quality. These handwoven Kashan rugs come in a variety of sizes and designs, making them a popular souvenir.

what to buy in kashan?
What to buy in Kashan?

In addition, Kashan offers exquisite copperware, including trays, pots, and teapots decorated with intricate carvings, as well as traditional textiles such as scarves and colorful shawls.

All of these unique items reflect Iran’s rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions, making Kashan a must-see destination for souvenir hunters and art enthusiasts.

Kashan Handicrafts

Kashan is a city that attracts travelers with its unique combination of history, culture, and artistic taste. While Kashan is famous for its enchanting Persian gardens and architectural wonders, it is equally famous for its extraordinary handicrafts.

These handicrafts are like windows to Iran’s rich cultural heritage, each of which tells a story of artistic skill and dedication.

From intricate ceramics and world-famous Iranian carpets to delicate copperware and fragrant rose water, Kashan offers a treasure trove of souvenirs and handicrafts that allow visitors to take home a piece of Iran’s soul.

What Crafts Are in Kashan?

Kashan is a paradise for handicrafts that covers a wide range of artistic skills. Visitors can discover the world of ceramics, pottery, Persian carpets, copper vessels, traditional textiles, Kashan carpets, miniature paintings, Golabgiri, traditional pottery, calligraphy, and saffron.

kashan souvenirs
Kashan Souvenirs and Handicrafts

These crafts highlight the city’s expertise in creating intricate designs and quality products, making them popular options for souvenirs and souvenirs.

Each of the handicrafts tells a story of the cultural richness of Kashan and the commitment to preserving traditional arts. In the following, we introduce the best Kashan souvenirs and handicrafts you can find.

Kilim and Jajim

The traditional handwoven textiles of Kashan are very valuable because of their quality and craftsmanship. They are usually made from natural materials like wool and cotton, and the production process involves skilled artisans weaving colorful geometric patterns on a wooden loom.

These textiles have a rich history in Kashan and have been used for various purposes, from floor coverings to decorative wall hangings.

To shop for Kilim and Jajim, you can explore local markets, craft workshops, and specialty stores in Kashan, where you will find a wide variety of options to suit different budgets and preferences.

Kashan Pottery

Pottery is a versatile craft that involves shaping clay into various shapes and firing it at high temperatures to create durable and functional objects.

This process starts with choosing the right type of clay, which is then molded into the desired shape by hand or on a potter’s wheel. After that, the formed clay is dried before the firing process is carried out in a kiln.

kashan handicrafts
Kashan Pottery

This firing hardens the clay and turns it into pottery, making it suitable for everyday use, such as dishes, vases, and decorative items.

The history of pottery goes back thousands of years, with evidence of early ceramic production in ancient civilizations around the world. Pottery has evolved over time, and each culture contributes different techniques, designs, and styles.

Zari Bafi

Kashan Zari Bafi is a traditional art form that involves weaving fabric with threads made from precious materials like gold, silver, and silk.

This complex craft has a history dating back about 2,000 years and continues to grow in cities like Kashan. The fabric woven with these precious threads is so valuable that it was once reserved for the clothing of kings and nobility.

Today, it is not only used for clothing but also serves as a decorative element, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to various items. Zari Bafi Kashan is an example of this city’s rich artistic heritage and its constant commitment to preserving and celebrating traditional handicrafts.

Giveh Bafi

Kashan Giveh Bafi is a traditional industry rooted in the village of Nashalj, a part of the Kashan region. Passed down from generation to generation, the people of Nashalj have preserved the art of making Giveh, a type of sturdy and durable footwear.

giveh bafi kashan
Kashan Handicrafts

The process of crafting Giveh involves meticulous attention to detail and results in beautifully woven footwear that is delivered to customers with care.

In Nashalj, you can often witness groups of artisans gathered together and diligently engaged in the weaving of Giveh. Unlike modern footwear, Giveh shoes are known for their durability, providing protection and comfort for the wearer’s feet.

Kashan Edible Souvenirs

Kashan’s attractions are not only known for its historical and architectural wonders but also for its delicious food and souvenirs.

Kashan has a variety of foods, sweets, and desserts with very special and rare flavors. In the following, we will get to know some of the most famous edible souvenirs of Kashan.


“Kashan baklava”, which is also known as “Kashan baklava”, is a delicious Iranian sweet originally from the city of Kashan. This sweet dish is made with layers of thin pastry dough, often filled with a mixture of ground nuts, such as almonds or pistachios, and a sweet syrup of sugar, rose water, and sometimes saffron.

Baklava kashan
Kashan Baklava

The result is a sweet and crunchy dessert that is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palate. Kashan Baklava is not only a popular local sweet but also a lovely souvenir for visitors who want to taste the flavors of Kashan at home.

Rose Water (Golab) and Herbal Distillates

Definitely, one of the best souvenirs to buy from Kashan is its unique rose water. Kashan is famous for its fragrant rose gardens, and this natural beauty has been transformed into pleasant products such as rose water and herbal distillates.

The process involves collecting and distilling rose petals to create these fragrant treasures. Kashan rose water is not only famous for its sweet floral scent but also for its culinary and cosmetic uses.

kashan golab
Kashan Rosewater

It adds a unique flavor to Persian food and is popular for its skincare properties. In addition, herbal distillates such as lavender and orange blossom are also produced in Kashan, which offer a variety of aromas and therapeutic benefits.

These fragrant souvenirs capture the essence of Kashan’s blooming landscape and are a lovely reminder of your visit to this enchanting city.

Kashan Rose Buds

Kashan is famous for its many roses and delicate rose buds. These tiny flowers are hand-picked during the annual rose harvest, a tradition that has endured for centuries.

Kashan rose buds are prized for their fragrance and are often used to make soothing rosebud tea or as an aromatic addition to culinary creations. Beyond their culinary appeal, these rose buds are also valuable for their use in traditional Persian beauty rituals.

Pashmak (Cotton Candy)

Kashan Pashmak, a sweet and fluffy delight, has a rich history dating back centuries. To make this delicious treat, artisans start by heating and melting sugar into a thick syrup.

Then, they use a special tool to spin and stretch the syrup into fine threads. These threads are gathered into delicate wisps, creating the cotton candy’s airy texture.

cotton candy kashan

Kashan Pashmak is often flavored with ingredients like saffron or rosewater to give it a distinct Kashan twist. The result is a sugary cloud that melts in your mouth, leaving a delightful sweetness.

The history of Kashan Pashmak is intertwined with the city’s ancient culture and culinary traditions. It is believed that in the past of Iran, this dish was a favorite of the royal family and nobles and displayed its luxurious appeal.

Today, Pashmak is still a beloved sweet in Kashan, which is favored by both locals and visitors.


Kashan Cookies, known as “Koloocheh,” are traditionally made from a blend of flour, butter, sugar, and aromatic spices like cardamom and rosewater.

The dough is carefully kneaded, rolled out, and then filled with various sweet fillings, such as date paste, ground nuts, or fragrant spices.

The cookies are often shaped into beautiful patterns and then baked to golden perfection. Once cooled, they are dusted with powdered sugar or lightly drizzled with rosewater syrup for a sweeter taste. Also, their intricate designs and pleasant flavors make them a popular choice for gift-giving and hospitality.

Haji Badam (Almond Cookie)

Haji Badam Kashan is made by skillfully roasting almonds until they become crunchy and golden. These roasted almonds are then coated in a sugary syrup, often infused with flavors like saffron and rosewater, which give Haji Badam Kashan its unique taste.

haji badam
Haji Badam

Afterward, the coated almonds are left to cool and harden, creating a sweet and nutty delight that is both satisfying and flavorful.

The history of Haji Badam Kashan dates back to ancient times, and it is a beloved snack that has been shared among friends and families during celebrations and gatherings. Its crunchy texture and sweet coating make it a popular choice for those with a sweet tooth.

Abbas Ali Bread

Abbas Ali Bread has a history rich in tradition. This round and flatbread is made with love from simple ingredients: wheat flour, water, salt, and sometimes a touch of yeast.

The dough is carefully kneaded and divided into small portions, which are then rolled into thin circles. These circles are baked in a hot, traditional clay oven called a “tanoor.” The result is a soft, fluffy bread with a slightly crispy exterior, perfect for scooping up Kashan’s delicious stews and dips.

Final Word

Souvenirs to buy in Kashan include unique handicrafts with a rich history and very special foods and sweets. Kashan’s souvenirs and handicrafts offer not just material possessions but also a link to the soul of Iran.

When you bring home a piece of Kashan, you are carrying a part of the country’s history, culture, and artistic spirit with you.

So, as you explore the bustling bazaars and workshops of Kashan, make the most of your time and enjoy the intricate details, vivid colors, and stories that Qar has to offer. These souvenirs are not mere objects.

They are cherished souvenirs of your trip to the heart of Iran and a reminder of the beauty and art in this beautiful city.

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