Golabgiri or Rosewater Festival

Imagine it’s springtime, and you are planning to visit Kashan, a place where smells and history combine and showcase the rich heritage of Iran. It is a lovely destination for tourists who want to embrace the culture and blend with the atmosphere of the city. Kashan is where the Festival of Rose and Rose Water happens every year in spring and provides a great opportunity to explore Golabgiri and learn more about this traditional act.

Let’s dive into the Rose Water Festival in Iran.

Golabgiri Kashan

When spring arrives, Kashan’s special time comes too. We get closer and closer to the Kashan Rose Festival Tour, and many local and foreign tourists visit this beautiful city to behold the Festival of Rose and Rose Water from closer perspectives.

As Mawlana says in its poems, the smell of Rosewater is aromatic and relaxing, which makes the city of Kashan a center of Rose Water Events. Golabgiri Kashan is the traditional act of the Kashani people, and each year, every man and woman, from youngest to oldest, gathers around and participates in this festival. 

In the Festival of Rose and Rose Water, we can see many traditions besides Golabgiri (Making Rosewater). People gather and perform folklore and local music and pick flowers from the ground. 

Golabgiri has been submitted as a cultural act and is successful in attracting many visitors who want to explore the historical town of Kashan and learn more about the way of life of the Kashani people and the tradition of making Rosewater.

Historical Value

The Rose Water Festival has great historical value and has been a tradition for centuries in Kashan and other parts of Iran. The City of Kashan has been known for its rose gardens and rose water extraction. 

golabgiri kashan
Rosewater Festival

Old people of Kashan have been planting rose flowers for centuries and have continued until today. Rose Water Festival Iran showcases the historical method of producing rosewater, which has been passed down through generations.

Moreover, making rosewater also attracted a lot of tourists and is a great economic part of Kashan, which affects its economy and beauty. It is also used in the fragrance industry of Kashan and Iran.

Overall, the production of rosewater, known by its Iranian name Golabgiri, has many historical values for the Kashani people and the general heritage of Iran.

Cultural Significance

Roses and rosewater symbols are the symbols of beauty and good smell. It has cultural significance in many ways since it is also used as a luxurious property in Persian culture.

Golabgiri and rosewater have been mentioned in many Iranian poems by great poets such as Rumi, Hafez, and others. Rosewater also has culinary and medical benefits, which are mainly used in Iranian sweets, beverages, and traditional dishes.

In Iran, rosewater plays a crucial role in the medical field. It is relaxing and can be used for various medicinal applications as it is totally natural. Rose Water Events provides a great chance to appreciate and introduce yourself to this amazing process.

The Rose Water Festival Iran

The Rose Water Festival in Iran happens during the blooming season, spring. It is usually in May or early June, and thousands of people from all around the world travel to Kashan to visit this top Persian festival and celebration

rosewater festival iran
Matinabad Organic Rosewater

The Rose Water Festival showcases the culture of Iran and is a symbol of Iranian identity as it is deeply intertwined with their traditions and lives. It is also a great platform for exchanging cultural knowledge and values.

Golabgiri (Making Rosewater)

The first stage of Golabgiri (making rosewater) is to harvest roses. For making rosewater, various types of roses are used and known for their oil content and fragrance. Early morning is the best time to harvest these roses.

The next step is to remove the petals. Petals are carefully removed from the rest of the flower. The distillation process is a common method for extracting rosewater.

The fourth stage includes heating and condensation. In the condensation process, we can use a coiled pope or a cooling system. Then, the liquid rosewater is collected and placed in a different container.

The last but not least process is re-distillation, which involves taking the liquid rosewater and putting it on a second distillation for more fragrance and flavor.

Types of Rosewater

Distilled Rosewater: It is the common one and is produced through the distillation process. The highlight of this type is its delicate floral scent which is mainly used in culinary recipes and cosmetics.

Rose Hydrosol: Known as rose floral water, this is a byproduct of the distillation process, which is used to make essential oils. It has a milder scent and is used in the skincare industry or as a toner and facial mist.

types of rosewater
Rose Water Benefits

Rose Absolute: It is a highly concentrated oil that is extracted from rose petals and is different from common rosewater. It is richer and more intense, ideal for aromatherapy and perfumery.

Rose Water Events

Rose Water Events are held in different parts of the world, and Kashan is the capital of Rosewater, known as Golabgiri. There are many activities that people do during the Rose Water Festival, which is usually during the blooming season.

Rose Water Events include celebrating this traditional act, rose picking, distillation demonstrations, and performing traditional dances and pieces of music to cheer up the community.

Kashan Rose Festival Tour

Rose Festival is held in different locations of the world, hence the Kashan Rose Festival Tour offers a cultural experience you have never seen before. By immersing yourself in the local culture of Kashan, you can learn more about these traditions and customs. 

You can interact with locals and learn the Iranian culture and stories behind which is truly a unique experience. The Kashan Rose Festival Tour can be a great opportunity for those who want to smell, taste, and explore the aromatic rosewater of Kashan.

So, if you have the chance, make sure to attend a Kashan Rose Festival Tour and explore the local culture of the Kashani people.

Where to Go to See the Rose Water Festival?

The Rosewater Festival happens in different cities of Kashan. Qamsar is one of the cities that is 30 minutes away from Kashan and hosts one of the biggest rosewater festivals in Iran.

kashan rosewater festival
Matinabad Rosewater Festival

Rosewater in Qamsar begins earlier compared to other cities and is a rich and cultural city that is ideal for exploration. Another ideal location for visiting rosewater making from close is Niasar City, which is 40 kilometers away from Kashan and has a unique atmosphere.

The cities of Barzak and Joshqan are also home to the Rosewater Festival and can be ideal destinations to travel.

Rosewater in Different Cultures

Rosewater plays a great role in different cultures. For example, in Persian culture, rosewater is deeply intertwined with their history and is widely used. In Arab Culture, rosewater is used in cooling and is known for its refreshing scent.

Indians also use rosewater in several ways. They add rosewater to different sweets and desserts. Rosewater also plays a crucial role in their religious ceremonies, especially Hindu rituals.

In Moroccan culture, they call rosewater “Ma Ward,” and it’s highly valuable. In Morocco, rosewater is used for fragrance and beauty purposes such as skincare and hair care.

Fun Facts

-Kashan has a long history of Golabgiri, or making rosewater.

-The production of rosewater in Kashan is based on traditional methods that have been passed from older generations to new ones.

-Making rosewater begins in May or early June, which are the best times for this act and has a great atmosphere.

rosewater drink
Rosewater Drink

-Rosewater is highly valuable as it is used in different subjects such as medicine, culinary purposes, and therapy.

-Rosewater is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the essence of peace.

-The Rosewater Festival is an annual celebration and is the most popular festival for the people of Kashan, attracting many tourists and visitors to their city.

Other Souvenirs of Kashan

Kashan has many souvenirs and is one of the oldest cities in Iran. Rosewater is a famous souvenir of this city and is well known in all parts of the country. Kashan also has valuable and beautiful Persian carpets and rugs, which are renowned for their quality and design. 

Ceramics and pottery are also other arts and souvenirs of Kashan, which have a long historical connection with the people of the city. Textiles, fabrics, and silks of Kashan are also popular and are found in different parts of the city inside traditional stores.


Golabgiri Kashan is a great chance to dive into the culture of Kashan’s people and learn the historical backgrounds of Iranian people. The Rose Water Festival is one of the most important spring festivals in Iran, which happens every year in many cities. 

Kashan is the central hub of this festival, as it is home to roses and rosewater. Rosewater is also considered the main souvenir of Kashan and has great quality. 

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