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Top 10 Desert Safari Tours in the World

Desert adventures can spring new experiences and memories into your life. The large spectacular orange dunes of these mysterious lands are one of the wonders of the world and a source of attraction for plenty of exhilarating activities. A Desert Safari tour is a perfect option for riding along the beautiful sand dunes and having to encounter and take shots from the magnetizing view of the camels walking over the hot sand. There is a whole variety of desert activities awaiting you. 

If you are an excursionist looking for the best tour, stick with us to learn about the top 10 desert safari tours in the world.

Desert Safari Tour Dubai

Dubai is amongst the most popular spots for exciting tourist attractions. One of them is a desert safari in which, annually, countless visitors travel around the globe to get the chance to spend their vacation in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai desert safari tour cannot be complete without enjoying the desert sports. This place offers all kinds of fun rides, such as quad biking, camel trekking, private VIP SUV safari rides, dune buggy driving, and many more.

Dubai’s desert safaris are of two categories: The Morning Desert Safaris, where you get the chance to see the sunrise over the dunes, and The Afternoon Desert Safaris, a moment to observe the beautiful desert sunset. 

Picking the best location can be bothersome in the beginning, but with our guide, you can effortlessly select your favorite destination.

Al Qudra Desert – Dubai

Al Qudra Lake, situated in Dubai, is a fantastic leisure destination and a tourist attraction among the locals and tourists. The vast landscape of this desert provides great opportunities to enjoy off-road adventures. Tourists can enjoy sandboarding, SUV riding, camel riding, and cycling in the heart of this desert. The desert space surrounds a number of lakes.

The man-made lake of Al Qudra boasts free wildlife, which includes more than 130 species of birds, many fish, and several species of desert trees and flora. The best way to visit the wonderful oasis of the desert is by renting a car. Al Qudra Desert is surely a suitable location for natural tourism.

al qudra desert
Al Qudra Desert in Dubai

There are also restrooms and showers to freshen up after these activities. People here can enjoy a great meal at nearby food trucks and an outdoor picnic for an hour or two. 

The magnificent sunset in the Al Qudra desert will offer you peace of mind and help you relax mentally. If you’re looking to take a break and unwind from your daily lifestyle, this is one of the best things to do in Dubai during your vacation. You would not resist seeing the magical beauty of nature that this place has to offer. Al-Qudra is a great place to have fun with family and friends.

Sweihan Desert – Abu Dhabi

Sweihan is definitely on our list of the top deserts of the UAE, whose northern part is located in Dubai and is known as the Sweihan Protected Area. The southern part of the desert is situated in the elegant city of Abu Dhabi and is called the Sweihan Free Zone. The northern area has a lot of biological diversity.

You will find all kinds of special fauna and flora species inside the Sweihan Desert. The attractions of this protected area are generally desert safari, sightseeing archeological locations, and observing the natural oases. Sweihan Desert ensures the utmost safety and leisure for its visitors by providing you with fully-equipped rental off-road vehicles for an adventurous desert safari. 

For riding an SUV on desert dunes, you can contact the MTM Powersports and Offroad Bug desert safari groups to assist you with full information.

Al Faya Desert – Dubai

Journey to one of the top Arabian deserts of UAE, known for its captivating landscape and lakes. Al Faya desert is another special and unique desert nestled in Dubai. It is considered one of the major sites of desert safari activity. 

al faya desert
Al Faya Desert in Dubai

The high sand dunes of the Al Faya desert, which have a very beautiful orange color, have created the conditions for doing this activity and provide a distinguished time to those interested in this activity. 

Some of the attractions of this desert are the ancient castle of Al Faya, Al Faya Lake, and desert activities. You can try sandboarding, camel trekking, and off-road dune rides in the Al Faya Desert. 

Al Marmoom Desert – Dubai

Al Marmoom Desert, with an area of ​​100 square kilometers, is the largest protected area in the United Arab Emirates. This desert has biodiversity and stunning pristine landscapes hidden like a precious treasure in Dubai.

Among the attractions that you can enjoy in this desert of Dubai are camping, visiting a man-made lake, observing the wildlife, discovering the ancient fossils of the area, and lastly, living an unforgettable desert safari.

You can spend the night in the Al Marmoom Desert and enjoy the luxuries of the traditional hotels and residences of this region.

Maranjab Desert – Iran

If you are interested in ecotourism and visiting the world’s most dashing landscapes and natural destinations, you should pay a visit to the Maranjab Desert. Maranjab has recently added multiple activities to its desert tours and offers one of the best SUV rides over its sparkling dunes.

The desert is located on the outskirts of the Isfahan province of Iran, where you can accommodate the traditional Middle Eastern caravansaries of the Maranjab desert belonging to Shah Abbas, King of the Safavid Period. Once you step inside the caravanserais, you will feel the aesthetic atmosphere of these historical structures. 

maranjab desert
Maranjab Desert in Iran

Apart from the thrilling desert rides, camel trekking, a walking path, camping, quad biking, astrophotography, camping, and many more activities are available for its visitors.

Maranjab desert is famous for its night sky, so while you end an exciting day, you can sit by the fire and relax, watching the night sky filled with millions of stars and galaxies.

Al Lahbab Desert Safari – Dubai

Despite the difficult living conditions of the Al Lahbab Desert, it is Dubai’s popular desert. The archaeological evidence shows that people have been living in this area for more than 6000 years, and many have continued their nomadic life in the desert. 

Throughout your trip to Al Lahbab, you will get to know about the valued Bedouin culture and the many challenges these people face in their lives.

Safari is possible in all parts of the deserts of Dubai, and there are adequate facilities for it. Al Lahbab Desert provides good quality equipment and facilities for this popular recreation, and with the presence of the high sand dunes, this experience will be more enjoyable and exciting. All in all, the Lahbab desert is one of the most beautiful deserts in Dubai, which is worth visiting.

Liwa Desert – Dubai

Liwa desert is another most visited desert of Abu Dhabi. A bonus point about the desert is that it is located at a close distance from Dubai and is also known as “Ruba’ Al-Khali.” 

Liwa is recorded as one of the largest sand deserts in the world, located 250 km southwest of Dubai, which takes about 3-4 hours to reach. Liwa has high and soft sand dunes that furnish its visitors with unique opportunities for safari, visiting camel farms, camping, and sandboarding. 

liwa desert
Liwa Desert in Dubai

Off-road explorations of Liwa are surely an adrenaline-pumping adventure sport that has gathered many fans for years. Once you settle in a camp, just as in the other deserts of UAE, you can engage in several cultural activities such as henna painting, dining, dressing up in Arabic attire, and taking pleasure in entertainment like belly dancing and traditional Arabic performances. Without a doubt, you’ll have the best time of your life on this desert safari tour.

Mesr Desert – Iran

According to travelers, the Mesr Desert of Iran is a hidden treasure in Isfahan Province, carpeted in hot orange sand. The landscape and the species inhabiting the desert are unique in many ways. Mesr desert is by the side of a village named Khor. You may also cherish your journey to the desert by passing along the traditional houses of the people of Khor village. 

Since the desert has attracted numerous fans over the years, more adrenaline activities have been brought forth for the daring visitors. Desert safari is one of the many desert recreations of the Mesr Desert. You also have the opportunity to experience some of the top things to do in the desert, such as quad biking, sandboarding, riding motorbikes, camel trekking, etc. 

Depending on the type of vehicle and the time of your safari you selected, the price varies. In addition, the salt lakes of the Mesr Desert are among its tourist attractions. Don’t forget to bring your cameras to take the best shots of your excursion to Iran. 

Wadi El Rayan – Egypt

A unique exploit of the desert safari by the Pyramids of Giza is undoubtedly a must-go. Wadi El Rayan is a historical region embracing a waterfall in the center of the Egyptian desert. Home to the slender horned gazelle, it will be an outstanding chance to take pictures of these wandering fauna.

It is best to go between October to April for a pleasant time of visit and indulge in the fun desert safari of Egypt. Riding a 4×4 vehicle is highly recommended, which features dune bashing over the vast dunes of Egypt. Sandboarding can be one of the exhilarating parts of your tour, including racing down the soft sand of the Egyptian desert.

wadi el rayyan desert
Wadi El Rayan Desert in Egypt

During the safari, you can visit camel farms, ride the camels, dine at the desert camps, and relish the tasty BBQ dishes. Desert safaris in Egypt will promise you a dreamy and satisfying experience. 

Nevada – USA

Watching the sunset can be a lot different in the desert. While deserts and camel riding are often associated with the Orient, Nevada Desert Safari tours now offer visitors in the West the chance to experience these graceful moments.

You can encounter the scenic view of the Virgin Valley and take a moment to loosen up with the tranquility of the desert. The safari can start from your hotel to a camel farm between the Virgin River and the Vast mesas of the Great Basin.

From there, you can initiate the fun sport of camel riding inside a ranch holding a herd of camels. Not only do you get to trek with the camels, but you also get to pet some baby camels along the way. This will be the best desert safari tour of your life.

With the help of an expert, camels walk around the desert, and this is where visitors make the most unforgettable memories. Along the path, the Virgin Mountains’ outlook will awaken your spirit. 

Final Word

Usually, when we think of the places to visit in Dubai, we expect parks, restaurants, and hotels in Dubai or shopping centers in Dubai to spend our time with joy and ease. Nevertheless, the nature of Dubai is among the most wholesome natures where you can have fun, do different activities, and experience the Dubai deserts as one of the most loved and pristine landscapes of the United Arab Emirates. So don’t miss out on its desert safari tour for a memorable trip.

When we ask ourselves what is a safari? We have to also consider that some safaris can be very difficult. In desert safari tours, tourists choose challenging paths to see wildlife. Mountaineering, canyoning, etc., are among the favorite activities of tourists in this type of safari. Exciting desert safari activities will pump a lot of adrenaline into your veins.

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