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What Is Khash? (Kale Pache)

If you have visited Iran, you surely notice their culinary delights and their diversity all across the region, which is different from culture to culture, even from sub-culture to sub-culture. However, all of the Iranian people have one thing in common, and that is Kale Pache Iranian Food. 

So, now you will wonder what is Kale Pache or Khash? or is Khash healthy? We will answer these questions immediately. Let’s start this delicious journey.

Kale Pache Iranian Food

Kale Pache Iranian Food is one of the nation’s traditional dishes that is hugely popular all across the region. Kale Pache and Khash are similar in the preparation process, however, they have some slight differences. Nevertheless, Kale Pache in Persian translates to “head and hooves” and is deeply immersed in Persian culture.

Kale Pache Recipe also includes a variety of healthy nutrients that can be ideal for those who want to eat a healthy and nutritious meal.

Kale Pache Iranian Food is used widely by people in different parts of the country among diverse cultures, showcasing its importance as a traditional cuisine.

Kale Pache Origin

Kale Pache Origin is believed to belong to Iran. Although this food is widely used among different cultures and even outside of the borders of Iran, it dates back to Iran’s history.

Iranian people consider this healthy food as a classic Persian food that can be used in festivals, gatherings, and even on normal occasions from time to time. Indeed, over time, this food has gained popularity in other countries too.

Khash Ingredients
Kale Pache Ingredients

The Kale Pache Recipe or Khash recipe can be found on menus in countries like Turkey, Armenia, and Pakistan. In Iran, Khash or Kale Pache Iranian Food is used mainly by the people of Tehran and has many fans in this province.

Khash Ingredients

Khash Ingredients and Kaleh Pache Recipe are very similar in terms of preparation. For making Khash or Kaleh Pache Iranian Food, you will need sheep or cow’s feet and head, which are considered the main ingredients.

Of course, you need to clean them before preparing. Moreover, another main thing that you need is garlic to enhance the taste of the dish.

The amount of garlic is up to you. Salt and sufficient water are also required for cooking the Kaleh Pacheh. These ingredients are the basic things you need to make a delicious Kaleh Pacheh, and you can use different variations or add some extra things based on your preferences.

Kaleh Pache Recipe

Kaleh Pache’s recipe is very basic and easy to make. The first step is to clean the heads and feet of sheep or cows. Keep in mind that your head/feet should be fresh and not corrupted. Then, you should place them in a large pot and add enough water. The more water makes it better.

In the third step, add enough garlic and salt, and then once the water starts boiling, you can add some onions and reduce the heat to let it simmer gently. The pot should be covered, and you should let it simmer for several hours, usually 6 to 8 hours. The longer the time of cooking, you will have better Kaleh Pache to serve.

Then, you can add some salt for your preference. We suggest tasting it first and knowing the amount of its salt. After 8 hours, you can remove the heads and feet from the pot, and you can place and serve it on a platter. The meats are now gentle and easy to disassemble. Add some water from the pot to make it more delicious.

Moreover, we suggest that serve Kaleh Pache Recipe with flatbread, especially Sangak or Lavash. Use some fresh herbs such as parsley, coriander, and mint. Radishes, spring onions, pickles, and lemon wedges are also highly recommended for a better experience.

Is Khash Healthy?

Khash and Kaleh Pache include high collagen ingredients and can be very helpful, contributing proteins and support for the tissues in the body, such as joints, skin, and bones, which will lead to health and skin elasticity.

kale pache recipe
Kale Pache Iranian Food

Kaleh Pache Recipe also contains many nutrients such as minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamins that can help body functions like energy metabolism and nerve function.

Also, if you want to get calories and boost your fat level, Kaleh Pache helps a lot. Bear in mind that if you are following a low-calorie diet, you should avoid this dish. Additionally, the amount of salt added to Kaleh Pache should be measured correctly to prevent high blood pressure.

Best Time to Eat Kale Pache

The best time to eat Kaleh Pache is early in the morning. This meal is highly recommended for the first time in the morning and is very beneficial for starting the day with a high boost of energy.

Kaleh Pache is also enjoyed during the colder months. The warm and hearty nature of this dish makes it perfect for a cold early morning meal. 

Although the best time to eat this dish depends on the preferences, in Iranian culture, Kaleh Pache is enjoyed during family gatherings, special occasions, and little ceremonious festivals. If one wants, this dish can be served as a lunch or even dinner option. 

Which People Should Not Eat Khash?

Vegetarians and Vegans: Since this dish is meat-based, vegans or vegetarians should avoid eating this delicious cuisine.

Allergies or Intolerances: If someone has certain allergies or intolerances to ingredients that are used in this dish, it is important that they should prevent eating this dish. 

High Cholesterol or Heart Health Concerns: Kaleh Pache or Khash is high in fat, although having health benefits. So, keep in mind that if you have a high cholesterol level or heart health concerns, you should limit yourself in eating Kaleh Pache.

kale pache origin
Khash Soup

Sodium Sensitivity or High Blood Pressure: Salt is also the basic ingredient of this delicious meal. So, sodium-sensitive people should also be careful when they are eating this dish. 

Digestive Sensitivities: The gelatinous nature of this meal may be difficult for people who have difficulties digesting. 

Khash in Other Cultures

Indeed, Kaleh Pache and Khash are associated with Iranian cuisine, but these dishes are used in various cultures. For example, Armenia, the neighbor of Iran, also has a similar dish to Kaleh Pache that consists of boiled cow’s or pig’s feet.

Moreover, Azerbaijani cuisine also includes a dish known as “Piti,” which shares several similarities with the Khash recipe. In Georgian cuisine, also another neighbor of Iran, we have a similar dish named “Kuchmachi” or “Chakapuli” that has stewed animal parts cooked with various herbs and spices. 

Turkish cuisine also has a similar dish called “Paca” or “Pacavra,” which is similar to Khash or Kale Pache.

Where to Eat the Best Kale Pache in Tehran

Kale Pache is a traditional meal that is widely popular in Tehran and also other provinces. This dish is served in various restaurants, and the best places to go in Tehran for eating a delicious Kaleh Pache or Khash are Tabbakhis, which are the places that only serve Kaleh Pache.

These places are open from the early morning to night, and they are very crowded during the morning since this dish is mainly eaten in the early mornings.


Kaleh Pache, or Khash, is a very popular dish in Iranian cuisine and is enjoyed by a variety of people. This dish is loved by different cultures from the north of Iran to the south, Iranian people have a deep connection and love for this cuisine.

Enjoyed in early mornings, especially during colder months, Khash or Kale Pache can be a great start for a day with energy. This dish has many variations and is served with many herbs, spices, vegetables, and even oranges and lemons. 

Khash Facts

Khash or Kaleh Pache has a long history in Iran’s cuisine and is one of the oldest dishes that can be found in Iran.

The cultural significance of Khash or Kaleh Pache goes beyond the borders of Iran and is widely loved in the Middle East.

kale pache facts
Khash Ingredients

Kaleh Pache has gained popularity today among Western and European communities all around the world.

The slow cooking process of Kaleh Pache is one of the notable things that makes the taste better.

Khash or Kaleh Pache is typically served as a communal meal that brings friends and families together, resulting in making connections between each other. 

Different regions and countries can have their unique style of making Kaleh Pache, which can vary from one culture to another. For example, seasoning, ingredients, or serving styles can be different.

Final Words

The Kale Pacheh has made a significant place in the culture of Iranian people and has become one of the most popular cuisines of Iranians. Kaleh Pache’s origin dates back to the old times of Iran, and this food was also popular back in those times.

Khash, also known as Kale Pache, is very simple and can be a great option if you want to try out something different and introduce yourself to the culture of Iranian people.   

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