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When Is the Best Time to Visit Iran?

Iran is a blessed destination famous as the country of 4 seasons, meaning that you can experience a variety of weather environments in any part of the country. This vast land, blessed with nature and history, is filled with amazing locations, and it’s only a matter of timing schedule and knowing when is the best time to visit Iran.

In this article, we will explore some of the cities and provinces you should visit at specific times of the year for a better and more enjoyable experience. So, let’s get into it.

Best Season to Travel to Iran

Iran is a four-season country, and its different seasons provide different situations in specific locations; meaning, one should know when is the best time to visit Iran and then look into which destinations are best based on their traveling season.

Some believe that the best season to travel to Iran is usually spring, and other people neglect it and consider Autumn the best time to go to Iran.

Nevertheless, we will go through the seasons and the ideal destinations for you to visit during that season to ensure you have fewer barriers traveling to this crazy and lovely location in the Middle East.

Spring in Iran

Spring is one of the best seasons to travel. With mild temperatures and great weather, every location in Iran seems a heaven, and many tourists and locals visit different parts of Iran during this season, especially during their holidays called Nowruz or the Persian New Year.

Interestingly, in every place you go during spring, you will notice many other tourists too, since many people also travel during this season. Here are some of the best places to visit in spring in Iran.


The best time to go to Shiraz, Iran, is spring when the air is filled with the fresh smell of trees and flowers. Imagine strolling along the lively streets of Shiraz, feeling the crisp breeze on your face and breathing in the invigorating air.

saadi shirazi tomb
Saadi Shirazi Tomb, Shiraz

The experience is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, with a clear mind ready to take on whatever adventure comes your way! From historical landmarks, museums, monuments, and popular attractions to the cool and modern vibes of the city, enjoyable nightlife, and contemporary architecture, you will find everything extra fun and enjoyable in the city of Shiraz.

Shiraz is home to a variety of tourists and visitors from around the world and even outside borders during spring. So, make sure to explore this city in your spring vacations.


The Kordestan province boasts a lot of tourists each year during spring. Its beautiful and unspoiled nature is one of the main reasons people from around the country come to this area.

The central city of Sanandaj is also home to bazaars, churches, mosques, and other historical sites, making the province of Kordestan a place where any traveler with any desire can enjoy this location and make memorable moments.

We highly offer you if you want to visit Kordestan, make sure to have a guided tour and mostly explore its nature since it’s very beautiful and you will be amazed by it.


Golestan province, translated as the Garden of Flowers, is another magical location in the north of the Iran map. Visiting lovely Gorgan or the green and beautiful plains of Turkmen Sahra, especially Mahoor Hills near Gonbad-e Kavus, is another suggestion that you will surely love.

Qabus Tower
Qabus Tower, Golestan Province

Historical sites such as Qabus Tower, leftovers of Jorjan Wall, Old Bazaar of Gorgan, and old palaces of Gorgan are only some of the attractions that you can visit. Besides, this province has great nature and lovely vibes that can be ideal for nature lovers and those who want to camp out in the open fields and make unforgettable memories.

Summer in Iran

Summers in Iran are very hot and sometimes do need a lot of tolerance. Traveling during this season is reduced, but many people still go out with their families on long vacations and in different parts of Iran.

Nevertheless, many people choose locations where the heat is less or not very noticeable, such as cities in the north of Iran. Of course, traveling during summer can be fun too, especially if you go on trips with your close friends. 


Gilan, the bride of provinces, situated in the north of Iran, is one of the destinations that is very popular among both local and foreign tourists. In summer, you can visit the beautiful green spaces and jungles of Gilan and cool off a little bit.

The Caspian Sea Coastline is also highly recommended if one wants to enjoy the sea and keep picturesque scenes in mind.

Caspian Sea
Caspian Sea Photos

Rasht, Lahijan, and Anzail are some of the cities that visitors can explore and never get tired of. If you are going to Gilan, make sure to test their delicious foods and culinary items so you won’t forget the taste of deliciousness and freedom.


With a long and fascinating history, Tabriz stands out as a city with the most historical sites and landmarks. Tabriz has several important architectures and sites, including the Arg-e Tabriz (Tabriz Citadel) and the Jameh Mosque of Tabriz.

Exploring each of them gives a great insight into the captivating history of Iran. Tabriz Bazaar, situated in the city center of Tabriz, is also a UNESCO Heritage and is one of the most ancient bazaars of Iran, which also operates in the present time.

The architecture and the music are some of the things that we can generally know about the beautiful city of Tabriz.


Another popular tourist attraction, especially during summertime, is Ramsar. Many people believe that Ramsar is the best option to travel to during the hot months. Tele-cabin, lovely coastline, beautiful nightlife, and picturesque scenes are only some of the key highlights of this city.

Ramsar Mazandaran Iran

You can have amazing views of the city by only walking a 10-minute route and sometimes less in any location in Ramsar. If you want more excitement, the Ramsar also has an entertainment park and a karting racing track, which could be a fun and exciting experience for travelers. Ramsar is the best city to go to in Mazandaran.

Autumn in Iran

Autumn, or the season of lovers, is also an excellent time for traveling and seeing different locations in Iran. The weather is very pleasant in Autumn, and it is a great time to visit cities like Yazd, Isfahan, and many others.

The natural beauty can also be seen during this season in different cities. So, Autumn is good too for family and friendly vacations.


Famous for its stunning Islamic architecture, Isfahan hosts several iconic landmarks and has one of the largest squares in the whole wide world. Isfahan, also famous as half of the world, is a great destination to see during Autumn since it is less hot and the weather is milder.

Historical bridges of Isfahan that span the Zayandeh Rud is the most famous symbol of the city and among the top things to do in Isfahan. Hence, Isfahan has all the things that a tourist can think of. So, don’t miss out on Isfahan, and make sure to visit New Julfa after seeing the large square.


The City of Windcatchers provides a range of attractions and experiences for its guests and welcomes them all. Yazd is a very popular location to visit during Autumn and is situated in the central part of the country.

Dowlatabad Garden
Dowlatabad Garden, Yazd Province

The weather is usually hot in this location and is best visited during the Autumn. Scenic views of the city, especially during the sunset, are one of the traits that visitors of Yazd experience.

It is a unique moment, and its people have a lovely and cozy accent. So, you will feel like you are at home, and you will be very social with Yazdi people.


Mashad the holy city of Iran, is home to the holy shrine of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam of Shia Muslims, which attracts millions of pilgrims each year.

The city of Mashad includes traditional bazaars and beautiful mosques that are amazing experiences to explore and see. You can also visit a wide range of museums and old houses that include a vast collection of Islamic manuscripts and artworks.

Mashhad is a city where you should admire its modern design and architectural style. Visiting Mashhad during Autumn is the best choice because the weather gets very crazy during summer and spring.

Winter in Iran

Winter is generally cold in Iran. It is highly recommended to visit the southern parts of Iran, such as its popular islands like Qeshm and Kish islands.

If you want to explore Iran’s beauty during winter, plan a trip with your family to Qeshm Island or Kish Island and enjoy the most of your trip. Qeshm and Kish Island are the ideal destinations during winter.


Qeshm Island is a popular island and is best visited during winter. When there are fewer tourists and the prices are more reasonable, visiting Qeshm in winter is a great experience that will make you never forget about it.

Qeshm Island
Qeshm Island Photos

The Valley of Stars, Naz Island, Hara Jungle, Tandis Valley, and Dargahan Bazaar are the most famous attractions of Qeshm Island, which provide lovely and fun moments for all kinds of travelers of any age.

Qeshm Island gets very crowded during spring and summer. Besides that, it is very hot if someone wants to spend their time during the daytime. Qeshm Island is known for its vibrant nightlife.


Another popular island situated in the south of Iran is Kish Island. Kish Island is considered a place where you can get the most out of your time and enjoy every moment of your life. This island is a tourist island that offers plenty of entertainment activities.

There are a lot of activities provided on this little island for tourists, and it has a great nightlife. The garden of birds, ocean park, dolphin park, special beach for ladies, and several parks invite the tourists to a lovely and memorable experience where it can only happen on Kish Island. If you want something unique, make sure to visit Kish Island.


From the Karun River to the beautiful nature of Zeras, Khuzestan is another underrated gem among the provinces of Iran. It is the best destination for those who want to travel in winter and seek a destination not very hot and also not very cold.

Andika Lake Khuzestan
Andika Lake, Khuzestan Province

Khuzestan has it all when it comes to incredible unspoiled nature and historical landmarks. Old bazaars of Khuzestan will make you feel you are outside of the world, and provide a great opportunity to buy diverse souvenirs and try out their foods.

Khuzestan is the ideal destination for nature lovers and those who want to stay more than a night in the heart of nature with their friends and loved ones.

Iran High Season

The best season to travel to Iran is spring. The best time to go to Iran starts in March and continues until the end of May. The weather is pleasant and mild, along with blooming landscapes. Many tourists visit during the Persian New Year, known as Nowruz, which falls around March 21st.

There are a lot of options and destinations to visit during spring, and many Iranian people travel during this season. Spring is the time when everything changes, and you can see beautiful flowers, green planes, and great mild weather everywhere you go.

So, spring is the most popular season to travel for Iranian people. It is highly recommended to travel to Iran during spring if you want to experience beauty and magic and be fascinated by Iran’s nature.

Final Words

Iran has many tourist locations and destinations, and each one of them has its unique beauty and character, providing tourists with a wide range of must-visit cities and provinces.

It is hard to consider Iran’s High Season, and if someone wants to visit Iran, they should know about the best season to travel to Iran and which locations are best at a specific time of the year. Overall, it doesn’t matter when you are going to visit Iran, only make sure to make a stop in this beautiful country.

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